Top Tips for Bike Security

Cycling has never been more popular and, given how much a good bike can cost, you need to make sure yours is kept safe. Here are some top tips for bike security.

Top Tips for Bike Security

  1. Get a Great Lock

A bike thief needs to be quick to reduce their chance of getting caught, so a good bike lock goes a long way. Having a heavy-duty bike lock makes it difficult for a bike thief to succeed, which means that they give up quickly or decide against even attempting to steal your bike. Get yourself a certified Solid Secure lock. They cost a little more, but that protection is worth it.

  1. Mark Your Bike

Marking a unique code onto your bike means that the police are able to track it better and return it to you if it gets stolen. Some police forces even have events where they help people mark their bike and make a register of the different markings. Think of it as an extra layer of protection for your bike. If you put the mark in a clear location then this alone can work as a deterrent and prevent the bike from being stolen in the first place.

  1. Insure the Bike

Bikes cost a lot of money, and anything that costs a lot of money should be insured against theft. Check your home insurance policy to see if it covers your bike, and make sure the bike is protected against theft outside of the house. Consider insuring your bike separately if it’s that valuable.

  1. When Out and About

Your bike could be stolen at any time. There has been a disturbing trend where bike thieves target specific makes and models to order. Keep your bike parked in a well-lit area and lock both wheels and the frame of the bike to a stand or some other immovable object. Keep the lock away from the ground to prevent a thief from smashing through it, and make sure it passes through both wheels or they may simply steal the frame and leave your wheels behind.

  1. When at Home

Over half of bike thefts occur at home. Reduce the chances of your bike being stolen from your home by keeping it stored in a locked garage or shed, keeping the bike out of view, and securing it to immovable objects.

  1. The Three “R”s.

These are three basic rules for keeping your bike safe.

  • Record

Keep records of the bike number, make, and distinguishing marks that can be used to identify the bike. Take photos of the bike and write descriptions of it so that you have a clear description if it gets stolen.

  • Register

Registering your bike with the right authorities means that the police have a better chance of finding it and returning it to you if it gets stolen.

  • Report

Make sure that you report the theft of your bike as soon as possible. If someone steals your bike and you believe that it is being sold, then contact the police instead of approaching the seller yourself. Always make sure the person selling a second-hand bike is the legal owner, and that you purchase a brand new bike from a recognised dealer to avoid buying a stolen bike.

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