Garage Door Repair

Garage door is the largest door in any property, unless there is a larger door in the backyard or somewhere. Garage doors are more complicated than ordinary doors. They are made differently, the functions they cater to are also different and the locking mechanisms or the locks they have are completely different from what you would have on your other doors.

Garage Door Repair
Repair Garage Door

Garage Door

Naturally, garage doors have a few potential problems that other doors don’t have. Also, a garage door is meant to be operational with impeccable ease while being strong enough to keep your possession safe. Garage doors are often insulated and they also have to stand strong against weather extremes while being very easy to maneuver. Whether you have a manual door or an automatic garage door, you will have some problems from time to time. And you should have the right technicians when you do have a problem.

A garage door can have many types of problems. The door may not go up or down as it should. It may have hiccups in the process. It may get stuck at a certain height or elevation. The lock or cylinder may have some problems. They may not turn or the key may get stuck. In automatic garage doors, there could be a whole range of problems, right from the suspenders to the counter weights to the electrical panels to the circuitry. You may have problems with your remotes if you have a keyless entry and exit system on your garage door. You may have a traditional key and that may not work properly due to a faulty lock.

Change Of Locks & Replacement Keys

From damaged garage doors to faulty locks and misplaced or lost keys and remotes, there can be many types of challenges you would have to deal with. Fortunately, you have us to attend to your garage door repair, to change lock on garage door and also to replace your locks, keys or to get new keys or to repair your existing locks.

Brooklyn Locksmith can attend to any type of garage door and unlock that garage door, the technicians can attend to manual and electric garage doors, fix the problems onsite and can also replace locks and cylinders or other components in a locking system. From key duplication to installation of new locks, garage door installation to onsite repairing of all kinds of locks and replacement of keys, we attends to everything that you or your garage door may need.