Master Key System for Businesses

Any business or workplace will have myriad types of keys. Depending on the size of the workspace and the number of employees working in several departments, there could be only one or several personnel authorized to have access to the keys. It is rare for everyone in an office to have access to all areas, especially to all locks. Given the diverse nature of the locks and keys, the different purposes and various ways they function, it is imperative for a business owner to have a master key system. In an ordinary situation, a business owner would have to carry a large bunch of keys. It is difficult to carry such a bunch, it is confusing to use as you may not always know which key goes into which lock and the overall scenario is not desirable as losing the bunch will make all your locks.

Master key System

Master Key For All Similar Locks

The solution is a master key system. A master key system is essentially having a master key for all similar locks. You obviously cannot unlock a large roller gate lock with the same key as a small padlock. But you can have a master key for different seven-lever or nine-lever locks. You can have the same transponder chip responding to multiple locks if you have state of the art solutions. You can have a master key for several biometric installations or safes as well. The master key system enables you to have overarching access to all locks in your business. You would have one key for several locks so depending on the various types of locks you have, you would possibly have just one or two master keys. Even if you have four master keys, they are far more manageable than having twelve different keys in a bunch.

Complete Access

A master key system is very significant. If your employees lose a certain key, you don’t have to be locked out as you can use the master rekey system for businesses and get in. You can have complete access to every part of your business and thus exercise greater control. You would always have the ability to respond to emergencies when you may have to rely on someone else to unlock a particular door or workspace. Having a master rekey system is imperative.