high security locks

High security locks

At Brooklyn Locksmith, we presents high security keys and locks solutions to residential and industrial customers . With high security locks, your residence or company will have additional security and decreased risks of break-ins.
High security door locks use solid substances, cylinders, and intricate keyways for additional durability and layout features that prevent unauthorized entrance. They’re, usually, more costly than conventional locks, but are well worth the price for the excess protection they give. Our team is highly skilled in fixing just about any security issue that our customers have.
Also, we train our team continuously so they can keep up with the demands of the industry. We know that criminals are coming up with new tactics to circumvent your security. This is why we always update our equipment and re-train our locksmiths. Through this, we are always on top of every attempt to breach your security.

Top High security locks

Arrow Lock
BM Series, AM Series
ML2000, ML20900
7900 Series
8200 Series
L Series
8800 Series
Electra Mortise Lock
Mortise Lock
Mortise Lock

High security locks Services

High security locks are locks that provide increased resistance to compromise.  At Brooklyn Locksmith, we operate 24/7, so you can hire a professional locksmith anytime the need arises. We’re proud to say that emergency lock situations are our expertise. Once we receive your call, our locksmiths will hit the road right away to reach your location within minutes. Call us even in the middle of the night, holidays, or weekends and we will be there.

Do You Need High Security Door Locks?

High security door locks offer the best security for every property. Unlike typical cylinder locks, high security locks can’t be bumped, snapped, or picked by thieves. This will secure your property and offer peace of mind. Although these locks cost more, it’s a worthy investment in the long run.

High security locks will give you an added layer of security. Thieves are usually deterred once they discover that the entry to the property will take time. In fear of being caught, they will just walk away and look for a different target.

You own a business 

Business owners should always prioritize the security of their establishments and employees. One way to do this is to install high security locks to deter break-ins and unauthorized entry. Since you own expensive equipment and supplies, thieves will take an interest in your property.

Here at Brooklyn Locksmith, we can install, repair, and adjust high security door locks to keep you safe. Remember that business establishments are the common targets of thieves. This is why you should act fast before the burglars make you their next target.

Your area is prone to break-ins 

Marginal areas are susceptible to break-ins since it’s not as monitored as the downtown areas. If you’re living in the same area, it’s best to install high security locks to deter break-ins and unauthorized access.

Take note that even crowded areas can be prone to theft. You should never be too complacent since thieves always find ways to circumvent security systems. Also, it’s never good to wait for a break-in incident to happen before you act.

As much as possible, call our reliable locksmiths to have the new locks installed.

You will be away for long 

If you’re planning to take a long vacation, we recommend that you install high security locks before you go. As you know, thieves will target your property once they know that no one’s home. The new locks will be your first line of defense to deter theft and to keep your belongings safe.

Also, you should only trust professional locksmiths to do the job for you. This way, you’ll have peace of mind that your home is in good hands.

Aside from your doors, you should also consider installing high security locks on your windows. This is imperative, especially if your windows are located close to the ground.

You want the highest possible security level 

If you’re looking for added peace of mind, high security door locks are unbeatable. It will provide the best security so you can sleep better at night. For your other properties, you’ll have confidence that you have a stronger defense against thieves.

Here at Brooklyn Locksmith, we can install high security locks for your property. Be it for your home or business, we have the right tools and skills to get it done.