The History and Future of Locks and Keys

The history of the locks and keys has been started back from many hundred years ago, reaching the first moments at the time of the current human civilization recognized their power and started to develop the technology and science that enables our development of modern life. In those olden days some 1000 years ago people required the ability to safeguard and store their own things in a place where no else get the access. For these purpose scientists, designers and engineers created the first example of the locks and keys which mean that they have created the first lock and key using wood and with added natural materials.

The History and Future of Locks and Keys

This simple lock and key offered the small protection against the intrusion and theft but at least they have provided the clear indicator when someone tampers on the lock. The first model wooden lock and keys originate from Ancient Egypt and they desire to get the benefit from the technique of locking pins to manage the process of the protection bolt present inside the lock. In which the lock-up pin will be unchained from the lock position only after inserting the appropriate key into the lock.

About the intuitive future locks and keys

  • The development of the physical security is found to be much more complicated process than a linear history of the locks and keys where the ancient Romans also pioneered about the earliest combination of locks and its transformation of the key.
  • The modern and future lock s where very smarter which would open at a set time and the time delay locks would open the lock at certain interval where this idea of the intuitive lock that would open the lock for certain person at a certain time took off only in the late 20th
  • Now in this recent decade, the electronic locks have been made to use of all kinds of the authentication methods from passwords to the biometric data like the fingerprints. The RFID tags and the security tokens digital keys have given where it blasts the infrared light in a sequence of ones and zeroes then the door will open.

The recent modern access control technologies reserved the businesses and government for installing the facial recognition security system which is not a cheap one and make the internet things more pervasive. At the end, it seemed to be better in going with the spoof-able and lose-able physical key.