Rekey Cylinders and Locks

You may have a damaged lock which may render the keys useless. You may have lost the keys and might not be able to open the locks. You may have a damaged key which will make it incompatible with the lock in question. There are myriad circumstances when you may want to replace your lock, you may want the key to be duplicated or you may find another alternative which is a bit of a wiser and more reasonable approach. You could rekey cylinders and locks. Whether you opt to rekey locks or rekey cylinder, they both essentially mean the same thing.
Rekey Cylinders and Locks


Rekeying can be explained as changing the keys that fit into a lock. This can be done by replacing the cylinders inside the lock so you don’t have to change or replace the lock, you can simply get a new key for the old lock which would have a new cylinder. When you have plenty of locks and keys, it is not possible to change all of them. This is even truer for commercial properties that would have more expensive locks and changing them can cost a lot of money.

You can rekey locks or rekey cylinder to counter various other issues. You don’t have to lose the keys all the time or have a damaged lock to get a new lock or a new key made. You may have to rekey locks when you know that the keys have been handed over to many people over a period of time. You may have handed your keys to contractors, neighbors, friends, guests, kids who may have given them to someone and it is very common to keep using the duplicate or secondary keys when the primary keys have been lost, misplaced or stolen. Such practices are common and they clearly lead to a security threat.

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You wouldn’t know who has your key, who may have got access to it and who has a heinous intention. You cannot keep changing locks or keys or your entire locking solution every time you hand over your keys to someone. You may change apartments or move into your dream home. There are many instances when you would need a slight but significant tweak to your locks and keys. Rekey locks or rekey cylinder in such circumstances, keep the costs low and ensure optimum safety for your loved ones and security for your possessions.

We can rekey all kinds of locks right on the spot. We offer scheduled and emergency rekeying services.